In combination to the order processing at our warehouses, you can benefit from our extensive distribution network in Lahore and Faisalabad for product deliveries to end customers (e.g. customer’s DC, Wholesalers, Shop, end-customer) and even institutions (Hotels, Offices, Industries, Salons, Restaurants etc) either by Full Truck Loads, Less than Truck Loads or courier service (parcels). Just Leave it to Osman Enterprises.

Full Truck Loads

Benefit from economies of scale and productivity when shipments are large enough to require the use of the entire truck. Reduce transit time by direct deliveries to final destination and avoid cargo to be handled en route.

Less than Truck Loads

Take advantage from the transportation of relatively small freight at a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire truck for an exclusive shipment. Reduce handling costs and the risk of damage during transit by configuring shipments with the least amount of handling units possible.

Courier Service

When speed, individualization and specialization of express delivery services matters, parcel delivery becomes the most optimal transportation mode.

Door Step Services

Osman Enterprises provides its clients with hassle free services with quality time commitment. It creates a bridge between our consumers favorite items and companies, existing and operating  in markets.

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