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Founded in 1997, Osman Enterprises operates different distribution centers with its headquarter in Lahore with zonal centers in different clusters and regional office in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Its sales and transportation network provides citywide coverage and consists of a private fleet and regionally headquartered distribution management Services teams.

Osman Enterprises offers multi-client warehousing, dedicated warehousing, transportation management, loading planning, inventory management and order tracking. Value-added services include sales development (width and depth), enhanced market penetration, market and sales development.



We provide secure and convenient services in Packing, Warehousing for both bonded and non-bonded warehouses for your cargo and your inventory.


We provide companies with some of the industry’s most reliable and comprehensive road transportation solutions.We are your one stop provider for  transportation requirements.


In combination to the order processing at our warehouses, you can benefit from our extensive distribution network for product deliveries to end customers.

Tissue Printing

Osman Enterprises is proudly serving its clients by providing the right customized Tissue printing solutions. We offer gorgeous premium colours for your design.


Honest And Dependable

Customized freight solutions to empower you and your business and providing you with what you need and want.

Quality Commitment

Proprietary supply chain visibility system to provide your business the complete connectivity and accessibility that you require.

Professional Team

Dedicated and supportive industry experts who continually provide you with the business tools and services to help add value to your expanding business.

We Are Always Improving

Integrated services management to give you the convenience, security and speed that your business needs – from warehousing,
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